Abortion facts

The Medical Abortion Facts

There are life situations where a woman is forced to have an abortion, and it is hard not to agree, because the future baby must be welcomed and not be reminded of some unpleasant moments of life that we would like to forget forever.  Below you will find the most common abortion facts about medical interruption of pregnancy.

Previously, surgery was the only way out of unwanted pregnancy, but it still poses a serious threat to the woman’s life, and mortality due to surgical abortion now is an average of twenty percent in the United States. More recently, there is still an abortion pill, which can be used in the early stages. The most commonly used drugs are Mifolian, Mifepristone, Mifeprex, as well as Mifegine.

Abortion facts: pills for medical abortion

Postinor is a first-choice drug has long been used for emergency contraception. He is perfect in those cases when they were not used contraceptives during sexual intercourse. Postinor and other pills contain only a couple of tablets, which include the levonorgestrel.

According to experts, the drug does not give a 100% guarantee that the pregnancy will stop and gives hope to a mere 85%. The first pill is best to drink as soon as there was sexual intercourse, but no later than 74 hours, but the second tablet has taken in 12 hours.

Misoprostol is approved for use in early pregnancy as emergency contraception. The active substance is Mifepristone. Misoprostol can be used to terminate early pregnancy in young women who do not have children, because it does not lead to the secondary infertility.

Mifolian – the structure of this modern preparation intended for termination of pregnancy for up to six weeks, includes Mifepristone, which promotes the detachment of the ovum to the uterus. According to abortion pill facts, Mifolian is sometimes used to promote natural childbirth.

Mifepristone – this drug helps to peel off the ovum for up to six weeks – for this woman to be taken just three tablets of the drug at the same time. The active substance is titled compound called mifepristone.

Mifeprex – this product is suitable for termination of pregnancy for up to 42 days. The main advantages of this drug is high efficiency and excellent tolerability. After taking the drug at the woman for a few days may be spotting.

Abortion pills facts: disadvantages

The disadvantage of these drugs is primarily in their side effects – such as blood clotting and bleeding. Just abortion pills may increase the probability of tumor formation, hormonal disorders and inflammatory processes in the genitals. Alas, unlike surgical abortion, medical abortion cannot promise 100% efficiency.

Medical abortion facts: benefits

  • No need to go to the hospital;
  • The process of rejection of the ovum is virtually identical to menstruation;
  • No chance of infection by HIV;
  • There is practically no risk of secondary infertility;
  • There is no need for surgery and anesthesia.

However, despite all the advantages of abortion pill, it should be remembered that self-medicate with pills pregnancy is dangerous to a woman’s life and before their use must be checked for the absence of an ectopic pregnancy.

When can you appeal to medical abortion methods?

Abortion without surgery, without risk of damage to the sexual organs, or to place them in the infection without complications due to anesthesia destination – is the best choice for most women. And if you decide on for the first time – especially. Healthy woman in a short time and comes back to normal, planned pregnancy, will give birth to a healthy baby.

First abortion is always undesirable. If you are aware of all the risks, the decision not to give birth – the final, there are no contraindications, then this option will be the safest.  According to medical abortion facts, you can have an abortion no more than twice a year.