Abortion medication in India

The Most Commonly Used Abortion Pills in India

Today unwanted pregnancy can be achieved in a variety of ways. The method of interruption is assigned depending on the duration and the general condition of the woman. In many cases, women choose medical abortion with pills. However, these pills can be used without medical assistance so in order to achieve anonymity women prefer to buy high-end abortion pills in India.

About the most popular abortion pill in India

Such method of abortion is easier for women, both physically and psychologically. It resembles a typical abortion menstrual bleeding, but longer. Achieved this result by receiving special pills to induce abortion, which were first invented in France in the 80s, after the clinical trials after 6 years, tablets for abortion began to be used in early pregnancy. Their operating principle is based on blocking the action of the hormone progesterone, which provides the normal process of pregnancy in the first months.

Today, Mifepristone produced by pharmaceutical Indian companies under various names: Mifegine, Mifepristone, etc. It is one of the most commonly used abortion pills in India and in Europe. American women can also safely use these pills to interrupt unwanted pregnancy.

Peculiarities of medical abortion pills in India

Medical abortion (which is also called pharmacological abortion) is interruption of pregnancy by pharmacological means, without surgery.  This method, in some cases is a good alternative to surgical abortion. There are many medications, both domestic and foreign, which are used for medical termination of pregnancy, for example, Mifepristone, Mifegine.

Each of the agents has its own period of application; the average duration of pregnancy is up to 6 weeks (deadline – the forty-second day of the first day of the last menstrual period). Medical abortion in early pregnancy (up to 4 weeks) is more effective than in the period from 4 to 6 weeks.

Mifegine as one of most common and safest abortion pills in India

Mifegine is considered as one of the safest abortion pills in India. The drug belongs to a group of opponents of progesterone by blocking receptors of the uterus; it leads to the rejection of the fetus. The uterus contracts and softens the cervix opens and leaves the ovum. This process is continued for 6-8 hours. To strengthen the muscle contractions are meant to help the special drugs (prostaglandins). If at the same time to take non-steroidal analgesics, the effect of Mifegine much reduced.

Mifepristone is an international name of this medicine, which belongs to the group of anti-progestin agents. This synthetic drug blocks the impulse to gestagen receptors. Medical abortion with Mifepristone assistance expects use of another drug that is used in the set Cytotec. The drug activates the fight ending in miscarriage.

This abortion pill is allowed to be taken until 9 weeks of pregnancy. Take this medication as directed by the manufacturer, it is possible also for the induction of labor, if it is necessary to terminate the pregnancy because of fetal death, the conservative extension of the cervix before surgical termination of pregnancy up to 12 weeks for the action of prostaglandins dormant for periods ranging from 13 to 22 weeks . This abortion pills from India needs to be used only in specialized medical institutions, after thorough examination, and the presence of a qualified physician. Upon receiving a desired dose, the patient is observed for at least two hours. Ultrasound monitoring is usually performed 36-48 hours later.

It is necessary to indicate that any abortion pills cannot be purchased at regular pharmacies without prescription, only online from Indian distributors. They are delivered exclusively in a medical institution, and accepted only in the presence of a physician. The patient, after taking 3 tablets, 1-2 hours is still under the supervision of a specialist. During this period begins rejection of the fetus. If there are no side effects, it is assigned readmission only after 3-4 days. Of course, in early pregnancy, medical abortion is such a good tool, but you should always remember that one hundred percent safe abortion does not exist.

Benefits of abortion pills from India

Benefits of abortion pills from India is the inability to traumatize endometrium and cervix (which often occurs during surgical abortion), the best psychological tolerance procedures, the use in the outpatient setting, high efficiency of the method (about 95%), and most importantly – this method is best option for young women, because surgical abortion often eliminates the possibility of subsequent pregnancy.