Abortion Pills Side Effects

Abortion Pills: Side Effects and Uses

Abortion pills used for medical abortion provide the termination of pregnancy by using special drugs. Medical abortion is a great alternative to surgical method. The medical termination of pregnancy significantly reduces the risk of various complications that are not rare during surgeries.

Why to choose abortion pills over a surgery?

Such form of abortion has a softer effect on the body, and for the psychological aspect, medical abortion pills are much better than surgeries. Abortion pills are widely used not only in the United States and in EU.

Abortion pills are a relatively new method, but it has already proved its efficiency. And thanks to the fact that the abortion pill acts very gently on the female body. And, in some cases, this method of medical abortion is the only option.

The most common abortion pills are Mifeprex, Mifegyne, Penkraft and Miropristone. All of these drugs are approved for use in the United States and EU.  Surely, abortion pill side effects are also common but they are much milder than adverse reactions a woman can get after a surgery.

Abortion pill is completely safe for women’s health, unlike a surgery. Medical abortion does not injure the mucous membrane of the uterus and has no negative effects on the reproductive function of women. Abortion pills provide the effect for the rejection of the ovum. The medical abortion pill is safe is because the ability to fertilize is restored during the first menstrual cycle after the use of the pill.

The most frequent abortion pill’s side effects

After taking abortion pills, a woman should spend 2 hours in a hospital under observation to prevent abortion pill side effects. During the first intake of these pills, many women may have minor bleeding. Also after taking the pills, the following symptoms can occur as major abortion pill side effects:


If you have any complaints of pain and analgesia after using abortion pills, appeal to a doctor. Depending on the individual sensitivity to pain and emotional personality type, you may require visiting a doctor few times. Doctors assign to find a comfortable position after taking abortion pills – sit or lie down, listen to the music or watch TV. Sometimes it is also recommended to take analgesics or NSAIDs to avoid any pain as one of the most common abortion pill side effects.

Chills and fever

After using abortion pills body temperature can slightly increase. Generally, the temperature does not exceed the normal one, but if it raises the fever may last up to 2 hours. In case of higher or prolonged temperature, immediately consult a doctor, since such symptoms indicates the presence of inflammation in the body. A healthcare provider may assign antimicrobials to avoid this abortion pill side effect.

Vomiting or nausea

Nausea is a physiological symptom of pregnancy. But it can be increased with the use of certain medications like Penkraft or Miropristone. Ask a doctor for a remedy from nausea or vomiting if the symptom prolongs longer than 2 hours.


Diarrhea is also one of possible abortion pill side effects common in the class of prostaglandins. It wears off during short period of time.


Usually the intake of abortion pills is accompanied by bleeding, similar to menstrual bleeding charge. It usually is not at risk and causes a decrease in hemoglobin.

Heavy bleeding

Abortion pill is very rare, but if there is a disruption in the blood coagulation system, it is possible. To solve this problem immediately ask a medical assistance. Maybe he will decide to use additional medications for uterine contractions or if bleeding does not stop.

Things to consider preventing abortion pill side effects

A doctor assigns ultrasound to confirm the effectiveness of medical termination of pregnancy (if pregnancy remains the vacuum abortion is recommended). If abortion pills did not bring the expected result, and the pregnancy remains, a therapist will sign up a woman for a surgery.

To prevent abortion pill side effects doctors recommend following such instructions:

  • Do not leave home in a case of heavy bleeding;
  • Avoid heavy physical exertion after using abortion pills;
  • Do not go to sauna or swimming pools;
  • During this period it is forbidden to have sexual intercourse;
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages.

Almost 80% of women during the first week after taking abortion pill Mifegyne or its analogues get a complete abortion and terminated pregnancy without any surgery or serious abortion pill side effects. About 96.6% of women have abortion during 2 weeks. Minor blood discharge may continue until the next menstrual period after the intake of medical abortion pills. Normal menstruation occurs regularly after using pills, but it may be delayed up to 10 days. Some women (about 13%) have the nest menstruation only within 60-65 days after using abortion pills.