Experiences abortion pill

Abortion Pill Experiences: How to Use Them Correctly

According to user experiences, abortion pill was formerly called a “drug” with the women can have an abortion up to the age of 49 years. The produced by the female body hormone progesterone alters the lining of the uterus so that the fertilized egg implants itself and can develop.

It is essential for the maintenance of pregnancy. Most abortion pills progesterone-like substance, but with the opposite effect, an anti-progesterone. It blocks the cells in the lining of the uterus to which the progesterone “docks” and thus prevents the hormone can exert its effect. Thus, the function of uterine and umbilical cord is removed; oxygen and food no longer go to the child. 600 milligrams of any abortion pills in early pregnancy leave the child in the womb slowly starve and die of thirst, a death that can last for two days. The uterine lining dissolves and is repelled.

To enhance the effect of abortion pills (experiences of users prove this) in addition a low dose of the hormone prostaglandin is administered. It causes the uterus to contract and accelerates the process.

The work of abortion pills

As with any abortion are some preliminary studies, information and conversations necessary (pregnancy test, blood test, ultrasound. Then the women who are seeking the clinic or doctor’s office briefly to swallow from one to three abortion pills. Now it remains three to six hours for observation. You can walk around or lie down, if it so wishes. About 60 percent of women encounter in the three to four hours of her unborn child. If this is not the case, it might receive a more prostagin abortion pills. About 20 percent of women have not yet aborted after six hours. You are still allowed to go home. For most of them their unborn child goes off in the next 24 hours. About 10 days later, the women come for the post.

An abortion with abortion pill (experiences of users prove this fact) lasts 3 days. Some women change during this time, their approach to the child. You want to keep it. However, although some children survive the abortion attempt with abortion pills like Mifepristone, it is too late in most cases. The babies die. The mothers have to witness how their children have a long painful death.

The response to user experiences of abortion pill administration

The response rate of abortion pill is below 60 percent. This means: it comes with sole use of abortion pill almost only every second woman to the desired abortion. The cause of this ineffectiveness is known. For many women, the target receptor of abortion pill is genetically slightly altered. This acts as the imaginary killers preparation as the pregnancy hormone progesterone itself.

Theoretically, you could try using molecular biological investigations on a tablet-abortion, whether abortion pills will work with the woman. This method, however, is apparently too expensive. It solves the problem by default; all women should have another agent that triggers contractions. According to user experiences, abortion pills are suitable to substances from the group of prostaglandins. The child is not directly killed, but “cast out.” Only in this combination is the “success rate” over 95 percent.

Possible side effects of abortion pills:

  1. Cardiovascular failure

Despite the correct dose, every now and again cardiovascular failure can happen after the use of abortion pills. From the USA, the UK and Sweden are now several deaths, become conditionally known by taking abortion pills, according to user experiences.

For COMPARISON: “Normal” drugs are equal in batches in Germany pulled out of the market if it only in the CONNECTION with the means that it as reached a stroke.

  1. Bleeding

It is normal that there is bleeding. They last an average of 8-10 days and correspond to a stronger menstrual period. Of total blood loss is approximately the same size as the suction method. In some cases, must be carried out due to excessive bleeding. Sometimes a blood transfusion is necessary. Because of this emergency drug method should only be used in doctors’ offices that have a emergency medical facility.

  1. Stomach cramps

Prostaglandins can cause stomach cramps. They usually last from one to several hours. About 20% of women require minor or moderate strong painkillers.

  1. Nausea/diarrhea

About half of women experience nausea. Sometimes you need a drug. In some women occurs vomiting or diarrhea.

Any abortion pill is an agent that is produced and used to kill unborn babies. The purpose of a drug is therefore not met. Its use is unethical! Instead of bringing healing, it means death. The great danger for society is that the killing of unborn children is by chemical means to a method of birth control. Instead of a return to their responsibility and their obligation to protect the unborn, there is a slide into unbearable trivializing perfecting their killing. If abortions are made possible by the pill, the threshold decreases. Fear is a further increase in abortions.