The most effective abortion pills

There are various methods, including surgical and medical abortion to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Women increasingly prefer non-surgical abortion methods, including various abortion pills for oral administration.

Discussing abortions, women mostly talk about surgical termination of pregnancy, which is performed by a doctor in a hospital. However, every woman needs to know that unwanted pregnancy can also be stopped by means of abortion pills, if pregnancy period is no more than 10 weeks.

Medical abortion is a safer method of pregnancy termination compared to surgical abortion, but before to choose, to buy and use the most effective abortion pills, you need to find out how they works. Use of abortion pills excludes many risks associated with surgical intervention, such as:

  • damage to the cervix;
  • menstrual cycle problems.

Studies show that the most effective abortion pills cause less pain sensations and psychologically women suffer medical abortion much easier than surgical abortion. Abortion pills should be used within 42 to 49 days from the beginning of the last menstrual cycle and provided that ultrasonic examination confirms uterine pregnancy.

Medical abortion is considered successful when a complete pregnancy termination occurs without the need for surgical intervention. Non-surgical abortion methods cause miscarriage and is a good alternative to surgical abortion.

  • Abortion pills can be used in early pregnancy and they do not have serious risks for the future pregnancy.

Intrauterine pregnancy ceases to develop after oral administration of Mifeprex, which blocks the action of female hormones supporting lining of the uterus. Because of this, rejection of the embryo from the endometrium occurs and fetus ejection reflex occurs after dilatation of the cervical canal.

  • A dose of Mifeprex 200 mg should be used orally once. After an abortion has occurred, the woman needs to visit the doctor for medical examination, even if she has no problems.

Medical abortion stimulates uterine contraction contributing to a faster evacuation of retained products of conception. Before using abortion pills, the woman should consult the doctor to determine the duration of gestation and exclude contraindications to the pills use. After their use, some women experience severe vaginal bleeding that can be accompanied with spasms and abdominal pain.