Abortion pill cost

Abortion Pill: Costs, Uses and Effects

Sometimes circumstances in life, women may arise so that the pregnancy is unwanted. And then we need to decide on its termination – abortion.

When to use medical abortion with pills?

The safest method for women’s health is the use of abortion pills for abortion in early pregnancy. Medical abortion is carried out under the close supervision of a gynecologist during the time when a woman takes the pharmacological agents that promote abortion.

In terms of medical abortion, everything is clear. You can use it only for 49 days from the first day of the last menstrual period. After this time, taking any abortion pill is ineffective. The safest method for women’s health is the use of abortion pills for abortion in early pregnancy.

The advantages of abortion pill:

  1. Lower risk of infertility

Psychopharmacological drugs are safe for the lining of the uterus. This greatly reduces the likelihood of further secondary infertility.

  1. Absence of complications

In contrast to surgical termination of pregnancy, which is accompanied by the risk of inflammatory processes that injure the cervix, the possibility of developing complications after taking pills for abortion in early pregnancy is very small.

  1. No need to lie in a hospital

Medical abortion with the lower cost pill is performed without hospitalization. A woman’s body to recover quickly, the next day you can go back to its usual rhythm of life.

In tablets for medical abortion contains large amounts of hormones. These hormones lead to an embryo dies. Then there is a strong contraction of the uterus and its rejection of the cavity of the fetus.

Choosing the most popular abortion pill

Medical abortion used certain drugs do not enter the free market. Usually there are used antigestagens is a group of biologically active substances that inhibit the action of natural progestogen at the receptor level.

The representative of anti-progestins is the popular abortion pill mifepristone (Mifegin). Use it in a single dose of 600 mg (3 tablets). It is the most effective medication for three days. It is also appointed by prostaglandins (e.g. Mirolyut 400 mg). After 36-48 hours after ingestion, usually antigestagen is applied. Cost of this abortion pill is lower than Morning After pills.


All the while, the woman needs medical supervision in a gynecological hospital. Spontaneous miscarriage usually occurs within the first week after taking pills for abortion. Completeness of miscarriage was monitored by ultrasound.

Remember: use of pills for abortion in early pregnancy can cause a number of complications. That is why self-medicate is strictly prohibited. Be sure to consult your gynecologist.

Possible complications after using the abortion pill:

  • continuing the pregnancy – is rare, only 1-2% of cases;
  • sudden, severe pain in the abdomen;
  • profuse uterine bleeding, which may be a consequence of incomplete removal of the ovum;
  • chills, weakness, fever;
  • nausea, vomiting – in such cases can be assigned to re-use of the drug.

Medical abortion is contraindicated in cases of:

  • ectopic pregnancy or suspicion;
  • kidney disease – renal and adrenal insufficiency;
  • the long-term use of corticosteroids;
  • presence of diseases associated with bleeding disorders;
  • inflammatory diseases of the female genitalia;
  • presence in the patient of uterine fibroids.

Failure to comply with contraindications may lead to unpredictable consequences and negative impact on a woman’s health.

What is the cost of abortion pills?

If you are going to buy abortion pills online, you may get significant discounts. It is the best way to get the abortion pill with the cost. The average abortion pill cost is from $300 to $800 per 1 bottle or package (from 60 to 90 pills).  Costs of abortion pills may be more or less, depending on whatever additional tests, visits, or exams are needed.