Abortion pills vs other methods ending pregnancy

Some people do not want to plan sexual relationships, but prefer spontaneous sex, which does not involve discussion of pregnancy prevention issues with a partner. Such an attitude towards sex can lead to an unplanned pregnancy, which results in the need to buy abortion pills or search for other methods ending pregnancy.

Abortion pills vs other methods ending pregnancy: convenience and price

A safe and effective method of stopping unwanted pregnancy is a medical abortion, which has become widespread in the United States. Women choose abortion pills instead of other methods ending pregnancy because their use does not involve large financial costs and this type of abortion is safer for the reproductive health.

  • If a woman decides to have an abortion, she needs to study all possible methods ending pregnancy.

Medical abortion, which includes the use of abortion pills Mifepristone in combination with Misoprostol, is mainly used at the early stages of pregnancy. Surgical abortion is recommended in late pregnancy. Choice of a method ending pregnancy can depend on various factors, including:

  • gestational age;
  • woman’s state of health;
  • individual risk factors;

Abortion pills vs other methods ending pregnancy: stages of pregnancy

Abortion pills are used at early stage of pregnancy no later than the first trimester. In different states of the USA, the maximum pregnancy period at which surgical abortion can be made is often different, and generally ranges between 22 and 24 weeks. Therefore, the woman needs to find out what restrictions exist in the place she lives before the termination of late pregnancy.

  • If there is a risk to the woman’s life or serious anomalies in fetal anatomy are found, abortion is allowed at any stage of pregnancy.

The most preferred method of stopping unwanted pregnancy is considered the medical abortion due to its convenience. The woman can use this abortion method by herself being at home. To make a surgical abortion, it is necessary to go to the clinic, since there are certain rules for carrying out this medical procedure.

  • If the woman takes abortion pills, violating the drug’s instruction or doctor’s advice, pregnancy most likely will not be stopped.

Other methods ending pregnancy, namely surgical methods, such as vacuum aspiration are usually used instead of abortion pills after 10 weeks of pregnancy. In the second trimester of pregnancy, the basic surgical abortion procedure is a dilation and evacuation. After the surgical abortion, the woman can have serious side effects, such as damage to the cervix and perforation of the uterus.

  • In case of ectopic pregnancy, abortion pills are ineffective and it can be stopped through miscarry naturally.

An unplanned pregnancy very often occurs as a result of misuse of a contraceptive and both men and women can make mistakes here. For example, if a man uses a condom according to the instruction, then this contraceptive protects in 98% of cases, but if mistakes are made while using condom, effectiveness of this contraceptive is reduced to 85%.

There are no obvious winners in “abortion pills vs other methods ending pregnancy” battle. Sexual partners first must take care of methods of preventing unwanted pregnancy so that the woman does not have to face a choice between abortion pills and other methods ending pregnancy. This is easy to achieve if to use effective contraceptives, following the established rules for their use.