Contraception after abortion pill

Upon learning of the pregnancy, some women want to stop it as soon as possible. Many of them prefer medical abortion, which is very effective. After using abortion pill, careful and long-term observation is required, since reproductive health is important for the woman’s overall health and well-being.

  • Many women resume sexual activity soon after the medical abortion and pregnancy may occur again very soon.

Some of the main directions for improving women’s reproductive health is prevention of unwanted pregnancy and decrease in the number of abortions. Use of different methods of contraception after abortion pill can help prevent a repeat unwanted pregnancy.

An ability to conceive after using abortion pill can restore after 14 days or more, depending on the patient’s individual characteristics. Contraception after abortion pill can help prevent unwanted pregnancy and it is recommended to have protected sex immediately after abortion and cessation of vaginal bleeding.

The woman should choose in advance effective methods of preventing pregnancy and buy a contraception for using it after the abortion pill. Your doctor or pharmacist can help to choose the most suitable contraceptive for you. Most often, after consulting a doctor or a pharmacist, the woman are offered the following birth control options:

  • hormonal contraception – tablets, capsules, implants, patch, vaginal ring, intrauterine devices;
  • barrier methods of contraception – condoms, diaphragms, cervical caps, spermicides;
  • female surgical / non-surgical sterilization.

After abortion pill, it is better to start using hormonal contraception approximately on the third day, if miscarriage has occurred and vaginal bleeding ended. Intrauterine contraceptive device is administered at any time after the successful completion of medical abortion, which is confirmed by gynecological examination and ultrasound. Barrier contraception can be used immediately after the renewal of sexual relations.

Before choosing a suitable method of contraception after abortion pill, you need to study the information on effectiveness, advantages and disadvantages, as well as side effects. Information about reliable online pharmacy to buy a contraception can also be found on various forums on the Internet, where women talk about their experiences of medical abortion.

  • Emergency contraception pill helps prevent an unwanted pregnancy within 5 days after unprotected sex.

Choice of contraception is carried out depending on the characteristics of the patient’s health, reproductive life plan, as well as on the duration the woman intends to use it. Sometimes, when sexual relationships can already be resumed, the woman finds it difficult to decide which contraception method is better to use after abortion pill. In this case, her partner can use a condom while a woman makes the right decision.

Some women prefer natural birth control and it is also effective as a contraception method after abortion pill, but it requires a very cautious approach. This contraceptive option may include the use of a calendar to count safe days when conception is least likely and is applied after the restoration of a regular menstrual cycle.

During medical abortion, there is no damage to the uterus, but there is a possibility of temporary functional disorders that may occur because of impact of abortion pill. According to many gynecology specialists, the most preferred methods of contraception after abortion pill are hormonal contraception in the form of tablets or capsules.