Pills name ADHD

Get to Know the Most Popular ADHD Pills Name

Treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder should be comprehensive and include behavioral techniques, psychotherapy, neuropsychological correction, etc. But the most effective are ADHD pills. However, only one ADHD pill name is the most popular than the others. The talk is about Ritalin. Though many ADD-ers choose Strattera instead, many kids who are diagnosed with ADD also use Vyvanse dermal patch.

During the treatment, the doctor involves not only the child, but his parents, family members and teachers. The doctor should explain the problems of the child’s relatives, so that they understand that his actions are not intentional and because of their personality characteristics, a child is unable to resolve any difficult situations. The doctor’s task is to change the attitude to the child towards a better understanding of it in order to reduce unnecessary stress around it.

Treating ADHD with Ritalin and Adderall in children

The child’s parents should be aware that the improvement of the child depends not only on special treatment, but largely also on the quiet, kind and consistent relationship to it. Raising a child with hyperactivity parents need to avoid two extremes: excessive self-pity and permissiveness, on the one hand, and on the other – posing in front of him increased demands that he is unable to perform. Frequent changes in indications and mood swings have on the parents of a child with ADHD is much more profound effects than healthy children have.

Related to ADHD violations, but a period of improvement the child reaches a long time. With the greatest difficulties faced by children with ADHD at school, so to aid in the treatment of the child should be involved teachers.

Kids need to take three pills of Ritalin per day to get healthy within few months, controlled by a treating psychotherapist.

Drug therapy is developed according to individual indications, when cognitive disorders and behavioral problems of a child or teenager with ADHD cannot be overcome by psychotherapeutic methods of correction.

The mostly used ADHD pills name is Ritalin that belongs to CNS stimulants. It is assumed that their action in ADHD is pathogenic, aimed at different neurotransmitter systems in the brain. A distinctive feature of CNS stimulants is their rapid action – the effect has been observed in the early days of treatment.

As an important indicator of therapeutic efficacy of CNS stimulants like Adderall or Ritalin considered improving the behavior of children with ADHD as a decrease in children distractibility, impulsivity, motor inhibition, together with the improvement of attention, fine motor skills, decrease excessive and inappropriate motor activity, disobedience and tendency to interfere with the other children. Such drugs include, in particular Adderall, Ritalin and Strattera.

Dangers of ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is considered a chronic disease that requires long-term, continuous monitoring and adjustment of symptoms, medications and other treatment programs. Although the symptoms may decrease over time, ADHD is usually not “out”. Patients can learn to manage their condition through behavioral techniques, which are often supported by medication.

Treatment of ADHD pills named Ritalin does not change completely this state, but focuses on controlling symptoms and improving the functioning of the sick person. Treatment usually includes a combination of stimulants. This is usually: Methylphenidate (Ritalin) and behavioral therapy (for older children and adults can also be used other drugs). Treatment often involves a systematic approach that includes a doctor for the child, other health professionals, parents and teachers.

Besides Ritalin as the most common ADHD pills name, several types of medications are used to treat attention deficit disorder:

  • Stimulants. These are the main drugs used to treat ADHD. Although these drugs stimulate the central nervous system (CNS), they have a calming effect on people with ADHD. These drugs include methylphenidate and amphetamine. These drugs increase dopamine neurotransmitter that is important for cognitive functions – such as attention.
  • Alpha-2 agonists. Alpha-2 agonists stimulate neurotransmitter noradrenaline, which may be important for concentration. These include Clonidine and Guanfacine. Alpha-2 agonists are used for Tourette’s syndrome and may be useful when other drugs cannot help children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder with severe impulsivity and aggression. These drugs may be prescribed in combination with stimulants.
  • Antidepressants. Since antidepressants work as well as behavioral therapy, doctors recommend the use of antidepressants before the first attempt at psychotherapy.