Depression quotes

The most memorable depression quotes are pronounced by movie heroes. If you want to find quotes about depression, see a film about the life and fate of a tragic hero. Even when the life story of the main character is absolutely fictional and unreal, this hero can pronounce phrases that motivate to fight depression.

Coming-of-age drama, detective or a courtroom drama, social drama, family drama and a psychological thriller are the main cinematic genres, in which quotes about depression appear most often. Popular depression quotes can be found both in old movies and in movies of 2015.

Successful motivational quote to fight depression include:

  • «But I tried, didn’t I? Goddamnit, at least I did that»

This phrase was uttered by the protagonist of the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) – McMurphy (Jack Nicholson). This depression quote demonstrates the indomitable will of McMurphy and his desire to overcome difficulties, even when the goal seems unachievable.

In the same film, you can find still many popular depression quotes, for example, the phrase «The best thing we can do is go on with our daily routine» – pronounced by Nurse Ratched (Louise Fletcher). The meaning of this phrase is that the unsuccessful attempt of breaking the vicious cycle of depression is not the reason to stop fighting depression.

In some films, depression quotes focus attention not on an individual, but on the global problem affecting hundreds of thousands and millions of people. For example, in the movie – Prozac nation, the main character Elizabeth (Christina Ricci) utters the phrase:

  • «Sometimes it feels like we’re all living in a Prozac nation. The United States of Depression. »

This quote emphasizes the problem of antidepressants abuse in the USA. Indeed, despite the fact that the level of depression in the USA is lower than in other developed countries, sales of antidepressants in the USA, is one of the highest in the world.

Depression quotes can be found not only in movies, but also in books written by classic and modern authors. One of the most quoted books about depression is Veronika Decides to Die (is a novel by Paulo Coelho).

This book contains hundreds of depression quotes, such as:

  • “You have two choices, to control your mind or to let your mind control you.”
  • “it’s best to accept life as it really is and not as I imagined it to be”
  • “She was neither happy nor unhappy, and that was why she couldn’t go on.”

In order to find interesting depression quotes, you do not need to read certain books or watch certain movies. A large number of quotes about depression is published on social networks: MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal, Instagram, Bebo, Tagworld, Orkut, AIM pages, Hi5, Panjea, Cyworld, Tagged, Popist, Friendster, Tribe, ConnectU, Yahoo, PeopleAggregator, MommyBuzz, MuslimSpace, Stardoll, Imbee, Dogster, Catster, Fuzzster, BookCrossing, Boompa, Spout, MOG, Gusto,, Yelp, LinkedIn, Bidding Buddies, Faqqly.

In social networks, depression quotes can be published in the form of text or image. Some bloggers find interesting depression quotes on social networks, and then use these quotes to create websites.

On the internet, you can find millions of depression quotes, but not all of them are able to motivate to struggle against psycho-emotional disorder. Availability of millions of depression quotes makes it difficult to find the most interesting of them. Therefore, in order to choose the most interesting depression quotes, the time is needed.

You can find depression quotes in books, movies, songs, social networks, or write your own. The most interesting depression quotes are written by people with psycho-emotional disorders, who are able to express their thoughts competently and concisely.

In order to create interesting depression quotes, a person with depression should try briefly to describe his feelings. It should be noted that the length of the most popular depression quotes is no more than one line. Short depression quotes are easier to remember, but long depression quotes are rarely read to the end.

It should be noted that there are two types of depression quotes – optimistic and pessimistic. People suffering from depression should refrain from reading pessimistic and negative depression quotes.

To improve the mood and psycho-emotional state, it is better to pay attention only to the optimistic depression quotes that cause positive emotions and improve mood.

Given the fact that depression may develop at any age, those depression quotes might not be as interesting for adults and elderly as for youngsters. Therefore, we can confidently assert that there are no universal depression quotes clear to everybody.