Best diet pills

Health care pays priority importance to fight obesity. After all, excess body weight poses a particular threat absolutely for all age groups, especially for young people, preferring fast food. Danger of obesity is not only in the fact that overweight worsens the person’s emotional and physical state but also in the fact that excess body weight causes severe diseases, including diseases requiring a prolonged and expensive treatment.

In order to fight obesity different methods are used, the first of which should be diet therapy and increase of physical activity. If these methods of dealing with obesity do not provide the expected result, the person can be prescribed medical therapy, presupposing daily use of diet pills. There are dozens of different types of drugs for weight loss, prescribed as for a short-term, so for long-term obesity therapy.

Best diet pills for a short-term obesity therapy

The most popular diet pills for a short-term obesity treatment are undoubtedly Phentermine pills. To fight obesity, Phentermine diet pills can be used not more than 3 months. Even in the case if anti-obesity drug Phentermine is used in minimum daily doses.

Despite the fact that Phentermine diet pills have a powerful anorectic effect, they should be necessarily taken in conjunction with diet therapy and exercise. In non-observance of this rule, anorectic diet pills Phentermine cannot significantly reduce body weight within a few months. Regardless of obesity severity, diet plan and intensity of physical loads, daily dose of Phentermine should not exceed 40mg.

At the international pharmaceutical market Phentermine diet pills go on sale under trade names Duromine, Adipex, Fastin and Ionamin. It should be noted that Phentermine is used in the manufacture of combined diet pills that also have anorectic effect.

In 2012 a combination oral drug Qsymia, developed by pharmaceutical company Vivus Inc. started to gain popularity. Feature of Qsymia diet pills is that they contain one more pharmaceutical ingredient Topiramate, besides active substance Phentermine. Given that Qsymia diet pills contain relatively small amount of Phentermine, the duration of their use can exceed 3 months.

Best diet pills for a long-term obesity therapy

Orlistat is not less popular weight loss drug. Unlike to Phentermine, Orlistat diet pills do not have anorexigenic effect, but effectively prevent fats absorption in gastrointestinal tract. Diet pills, containing Orlistat can be used for weight control within several years.

As any other diet pills, Orlistat pills help to quickly reduce body weight if a person, suffering from obesity is physically active and keeps to the diet. For effective weight control, diet pills Orlistat should be taken 3 times a day together with food or within one hour after meal. Optimal single dose of Orlistat is 120mg.

At the international pharmaceutical market diet pills, containing Orlistat are available for sale under trade names Xenical and Alli. Each Xenical diet pill contains 120mg of Orlistat, but each diet pill Alli – just 60mg. In the USA Xenical is prescription diet pills, but anti-obesity pills Alli are available for sale over the counter.

Best herbal diet pills

Advantage of herbal diet pills is that they stimulate weight loss without causing side effects. There are different types of diet pills that contain exclusively natural remedies. Herewith, all of the them will help to quickly reduce and to effectively control weight if are used in combination with alimentotherapy and daily physical exercises.

There are herbal diet pills that stimulate fat burning, however there are also such pills that besides metabolism stimulation reduce appetite, by helping to abandon from using a large amount of food. Over the counter herbal diet pills are sold under dozens of different trademarks, the most popular of which are: Phen375, Hoodia, Carbozyne, Lishou, Ephedra, Liposafe, Microlean, Slimquick, Phenamax and Acai berry.