Weight loss programs

Professional nutritionists, personal trainers, fitness instructors and doctors offer a huge variety of weight loss programs. By choosing one of several hundred universal weight loss programs, obese person should understand that it might be ineffective.

After all, the ideal weight loss program is considered only that developed for each particular case. An effective weight loss program should be created taking into account a variety of factors, the key ones are:

  • reason and history of obesity
  • weight, sex and age of the obese person
  • presence or absence of other diseases

Highly effective weight loss programs that could help absolutely every obese person do not exist. Therefore, to find weight loss programs that really work, an obese person will have to experiment and to use different ways and methods to combat obesity.

You should realize that even the most modern weight loss program would not provide the desired result, if it does not include regular physical exercise. In fact, increased physical activity is the key factor that allows enhancing the efficiency of weight loss program by several times.

  • When developing weight loss programs for kids, it is necessary to consider that their musculoskeletal and bone systems are not yet formed. Therefore, the intensity of physical activity for obese children should be low.

In addition, remember that for normal growth and development of the child, it is required a sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals, fats and amino acids. Therefore, weight loss program for kids should include a balanced diet containing vital nutrients.

  • Weight loss programs for teens are very similar to weight loss programs for kids. The only fundamental difference between weight loss programs for children of different age is the intensity of physical activity.

Sport activities can be replaced by active games for little obese children, and weight loss programs for teenagers should include swimming, cycling, running, fitness training or youth sports.

Just as kids’ diet, the diet for teens should be balanced. When calculating daily calorie intake, take into account not only the age and weight of a teenager, but his energy expenditure during physical activity.

  • A distinctive feature of weight loss programs for adults is that obesity-related diseases should be taken into account when they are planning.

Besides the fact that obesity-related complications may limit physical activity of an adult, an observance of special diet may be required during their treatment.

One more factor attention should be paid to is a profession of obese person.

  • If obese men and women are physically active throughout the day, they can be recommended weak to moderate exercise.
  • If women or men suffering from obesity lead a sedentary lifestyle, the weight loss program should include daily intense physical exercise.

It should be noted that in majority of obese men, fat is localized in the upper body and around the waist, but in obese women – in the lower body and around the hips.

Therefore, to achieve the maximum fat burning effect:

  • Weight loss programs for women should necessarily include exercises for lower body
  • Weight loss programs for men should necessarily include exercises for upper body

Besides diet and physical exercise, weight loss programs may include OTC supplements or prescription drugs. If medical methods are used to fight obesity, a part of the cost of weight loss program can be covered by insurance.

The advantage of medical or combined weight loss program is that by its means it is possible to lose weight in just a few weeks. The disadvantage of drugs for obesity treatment is that they are prescribed only in clinics.

Highly effective anti-obesity drugs may cause severe side effects. Thus, intensive medical weight loss program should be carried out under the doctor’s constant supervision.

  • If safe OTC diet pills were recommended for weight loss, weight loss program can be conducted at home.

When choosing weight loss programs, pay attention not only to their efficacy and safety, but also the cost. Weight loss programs developed by a personal trainer or advertised on TV are very expensive. Therefore, the vast majority of obese people are trying to find free weight loss programs online.

In order to find an effective weight loss program, you need to pay attention to methods to combat obesity it includes. The most effective weight loss programs include:

  • A complex of physical exercise for different muscle groups
  • Low-calorie diet containing a small amount of fat and plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Using RX or OTC diet pills providing an anorexigenic, thermogenic and (or) metabolic effects.

If weight loss program is conducted at home, family and friends have to motivate the obese person to lose weight. If several family members have overweight, they should conduct a course of obesity treatment simultaneously.

A successful weight loss of one family member will motivate other obese family members to achieve the same high results. Thus, competition between obese spouses, obese children or obese parents and their children will provide a more rapid reduction of body fat percentage in every family member suffering from obesity.

You must understand that any weight loss program requires a lot of time and effort. Especially important the fact that the more effort a person makes to fight obesity, the less time he needs to lose weight, to get a perfect body and significantly to improve his health.

If you want to lose weight quickly and safely, you can find feedbacks about popular weight loss programs on various forums and blogs. If you have already achieved success in fighting excess weight, leave a review about your weight loss program and help other obese people to lose weight without any harm to the health.