About diet pills

Obesity epidemic has a huge impact both on the health of the individual person and the health of the whole society. Rapid growth in the number of diagnosed cases of adolescent obesity has been observed in the last ten years. Adolescent obesity develops due to the fact that children adopt eating habits of their parents, suffering from obesity and consuming a large amount of high-calorie food.

Unfortunately not every person, suffering from obesity has health insurance. So, cost of obesity treatment still remains one of the factors which most people pay attention to, choosing a way to combat obesity. Despite the fact that the most simple, safe and cheap way to treat obesity is diet therapy, not all people are able to independently abandon to use high-calorie food.

In order to reduce daily diet and herewith not to experience discomfort, it is expedient to take diet pills, possessing anorexigenic activity. It should be understood that the use of anorexigenic diet pills does not eliminate the need to keep to the diet plan. People, suffering from obesity should increase their physical activity in order to increase the efficiency of diet pills.

*  For obesity treatment, one can use several types of anorectic diet pills, containing different pharmaceutical ingredients. Adipex is one of the most prescribed anorectic pills in the USA. These diet pills contain an active ingredient Phentermine, which has been used in the production of anorexigenic drugs for over than 40 years. Company Teva is manufacturer and supplier of Adipex diet pills.

*  Bontril is less popular diet drug, having anorexigenic action. Bontril diet pills contain an active pharmaceutical ingredient Phendimetrazine which as Phentermine is a sympathomimetic amine. At the international pharmaceutical market Bontril diet pills have been available for sale for about 40 years. Manufacturer of Bontril diet pills is company Mallinckrodt, Inc. and their supplier at the international pharmaceutical market is company Valeant Pharmaceuticals.

*  One more sympathomimetic amine, used for diet pills production is Diethylpropion. In the USA diet pills, containing Diethylpropion are sold under trade name Tenuate. Like Bontril and Adipex diet pills, Tenuate pills have a powerful anorexigenic effect, affecting CNS functions that regulate a feeling of hunger and saturation. In retail sale Tenuate diet pills have been available for over 50 years.

*  For effective weight control, people suffering from obesity are often prescribed diet pills containing therapeutic doses of active ingredient Sibutramine. In the USA such diet pills are more known under trade name Meridia, but in Australia – Reductil. Unlike to Bontril, Tenuate and Adipex diet pills that are prescribed for short-term obesity treatment only, Meridia diet pills can be prescribed for long-term therapy, lasting up to 2 years. Tenuate diet pills have been available in retail sale for about 15 years.

* Qsymia is the most modern diet pills, having anorexigenic potential. On the pharmacies’ shelves, these diet pills appeared only in late 2012 – early 2013 year. Qsymia is one of the few diet pills that contain two active pharmaceutical ingredients. Qsymia diet pills contain relatively small amount of Phentermine and minimum doses of active substance Topiramate. Advantage of modern Qsymia diet pills is that a small amount of Phentermine is used in their production. This means that the risk of drug dependence is significantly lower  to these pills than to diet pills, containing maximum doses of Phentermine.

If the use of anorexigenic diet pills is for some reason contraindicated , the attending doctor always can advise his patients less effective but safer alternative diet pills. They may include Xenical diet pills or diet pills, containing natural ingredients only.