About Weight loss medications

Obesity is not only the health care problem but also a serious social and economic problem of global scale. Due to the fact that people, suffering from obesity partially or completely lose working capacity, billions of dollars are annually required for their professional and social rehabilitation. To say nothing of the state expenditures for financing of national programs for the prevention and treatment of obesity.

Despite the active propaganda of healthy nutrition and active lifestyle, the number of people suffering from obesity continues to grow steadily in economically developed countries. So, it is not surprising that demand for effective and most importantly safe diet pills grows simultaneous with increasing number of obese people. They are sold under dozens of different trade names at regional pharmaceutical markets.

The first diet drug with the proved therapeutic efficiency has become Fen-Phen. Subsequently, Fen-Phen diet pills are no longer used for obesity treatment, since they caused very severe cardiovascular side effects. Fen-Phen diet pills included two pharmaceutical ingredients Phentermine and Fenfluramine.

Results of clinical studies have shown that Fenfluramine had a negative effect on the functions of cardiovascular system. And after the production of Fen-Phen diet pills was stopped, pills containing only active ingredient Phentermine have gone on sale.

Diet pills, containing Phentermine are sold at pharmacies for several decades, so all potential risks associated with their use are reliable known. It should be noted that Phentermine is a prescription diet drug, prescribed for obesity treatment both in men and women. Patient’s age taking Phentermine diet pills should be no less than 12 years.

Prescription diet pills, containing Phentermine are available for sale under dozens of trade names, the most popular are Duromine (in Australia, NZ) and Adipex ( in the USA). Information about contraindications of Phentermine diet pills and about trade names they are sold at city pharmacies may be provided by the doctor, specializing in obesity treatment.

As an alternative to Phentermine diet pills, Orlistat diet pills can be prescribed for a person, suffering from obesity. A distinctive feature of Orlistat diet pills is that fats neither are splitted nor absorbed in the digestive tract after their oral administration. So, most of the fats a person eats is excreted unchanged. These pills less effective than Phentermine diet pills, however safer for the human body.

No less safe alternative to Phentermine is herbal pills with moderate anorexigenic action. But some herbal diet pills are able not only to reduce appetite but also to enhance fat metabolism. Therefore, a moderate anorexigenic activity is partially offset by increase in the rate of fat burning in the body.

Disadvantage of herbal diet pills is that they cannot be prescribed for the treatment of severe obesity, complicated by associated risk factors. But undoubted advantage of herbal diet pills is that their use allows to reduce body weight without negative effect on internal organs and physiological body functions.

Depending on the formation features of the regional pharmaceutical markets, diet pills containing only natural remedies can be sold under original trade names: Phen375, Acai berry, Hoodia, Phenamax, Slimquick, Carbozyne, Microlean, Lishou, Liposafe, Ephedra.

By choosing optimal diet pills, it is necessary to take into account obesity severity. If excess body weight poses a threat to the person’s health and life, he may be required an intensive anti-obesity therapy, which should be conducted under the constant control of the treating physician.